Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SurfingVideoNews Crew is off to Kauai, Unable to Get Video of James Pellegrine Surfing with Both Arms...

The SurfingVideoNews Crew is Off to Kauai; Sadness Abounds as they're Unable to Get Video of James Pellegrine Surfing with Both Arms...

Jim Pavoldi

Genuinely larger than life at 385 pounds, the surfer known as "The Worlds Fattest Surfer" had been shit-storming so hard in Hawaii that he ended up cutting his own arm off at the elbow...

James Pellegrine Loses Arm on Kauai

According to "BeachGrit", this epic night unfolded with not one but two vehicle accidents - "Events unfolded, which BeachGrit is not at liberty to divulge, yet, but it appears Jimbo hopped in and drove up the hill. Unable to see because his airbags were deployed, windshield spider-webbed and hood folded up, he hung out the driver’s side window but sideswiped a truck. It severed his arm below the elbow. He continued driving to the fire station/police substation."

Other reports also have him driving himself one-armed in a wrecked car to seek help from a showering fireman who was able to tourniquet the stump and get him some help. Unfortunately, he may have threatened a paramedic or two and his legal issues are still in play as of last week as he's staring down the barrel two felony counts for making 'terroristic threats' in the ambulance and ER (you can read the local coverage HERE in Kauai's "Garden Island" newspaper).

This might be the most dramatic shit-storm the big man has been involved in, but it definitely wasn't the first on the island. He once injured his knee 'on the dance floor' and was hit by a car while being escorted out of the club. About a decade ago, he was hit by lightning. Actual lightning.

Worlds Fattest Surfer Killing it in Bali

His video about going down the road with a beer in his hand and "not giving a f*ck"are a little creepy on the foreshadowing:

Either way, we're heading down to Kauai on Valentine's day and although we may not be able to get some of the footage of Jimbo we were hoping to get, we're happy to try to get some time behind the camera with the strikingly beautiful Violeta so stay tuned!


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