Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Teen dies following 'horseplay' on moving car

A teenage girl died Wednesday after police say she fell from a moving car

The accident happened near Tramway and Lomas around 2 00 p m Police say two teens were driving up the street with one of them on the roof and the hood of the car It is unclear if she was standing up at the time

Investigators say something caused the 15-year-old girl to fall off the car She was pronounced dead at the scene

Both the driver and the victim are from Manzano High School

Police said Wednesday evening that the driver of the car was either 14 or 15 but did not release her exact age

Neighbor Sara Sheldon says she has witnessed teens car surfing at very high speeds

I have waived at them telling them to stop stop They don t listen they continue on she said

Officer Nadine Hamby of the Albuquerque Police Department called the events tragic

We just have two innocent teenagers engaged in horseplay not thinking that anything is going wrong and it resulted in somebody dying Hamby said

Students and parents at Manzano were shocked

Parent Denise Fredekind said It s really scary some of the things teenagers will do because they really don t think about what can happen and the consequences

Police have forwarded the case to the DA who will decide whether to pursue charges against the driver

Counselors will be on hand Thursday at Manzano to help grieving students

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