Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Taos opens its mountain to snowboarders

BACK IT S A DAY SNOWBOARDERS NEVER IMAGINED WOULD HAPPEN TAOS SKI VALLEY OPENED TO THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER THIS MORNING THE BAN HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR YEARS -- TO HELP KEEP THE MOUNTAIN IN MINT CONDITION FOR SKIERS GADI SCHWARTZ WAS THERE AS MANY EAGER BOARDERS HIT THE SLOPES SUITING UP AND SPINNING IN THE SNOW IT S A DAY SOME PEOPLE THOUGHT THEY D NEVER SEE 17 48 i thought hell would freeze over before snow boarders were allowed on this mountain WHILE OTHERS HELD OUT FOR WITH SOME EXTREME PATIENCE 19 16 i was the only only guy that spent the night in the lift line i got the first chair and i came right the lift line and it was ugly STARTING TODAY SNOW BOARDERS ARE WELCOME AT TAOS SKI VALLEY 3 28 we were talking to a lot of families that traditionally come to taos that wernt able to come here because maybe that youngest person in their group wasn t skiing IF THE MOUNTAIN HAD A GRANDSON IT WOULD BE ALEJANDRO BLAKE HIS GRANDFATHER ERNIE FOUNDED THE SKI RESORT 54 YEARS AGO 3 03earnie was was very pro youth pro family and i think he would have made this happen before we did AND IF SNOWBOARDS HAD A DAD IT WOULD BE THIS MAN 12 30 in effect i starting surfing the hill and it dawned on me that that hill was permanent wave and you could get up and surf the same wave all day long HE s THE MAN WHO INVENTED SNOW BOARDS BACK IN THE 60 S BY STRAPPING 2 SKIS TOGETHER AND RIDING DOWN SIDEWAYS 14 40 they even bought me a burrito last night BUT ITS NOT HISTORY THAT BROUGHT HUNDREDS OF BOARDERS TO THE MOUNTAIN TODAY 9 52 its like 10 feet or so 11 29 now the terrain park in taos is one that snow boarders have been waiting to get their hands on for quite a while AND WHILE THE BOARDERS HAVE THEIR FUN ON THIS WARM MARCH DAY- SOME SKIERS WATCHING CAN T HELP BUT FEEL SLIGHTLY CHILLY WITH REGRET 14 40 i just hope they don t trash us and have a little respect for us and overrun the thing respect for us and it will work for us its a tough day TAOS MOUNTAIN

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